Bitcoin has actually died in the past, twice. The first time Bitcoin actually died was in 2010 due to an inflation bug in the software that enabled anyone to create an infinite amount of bitcoin. Bitcoin was resurrected by node operators before the developers even patched the code, as they…

Send and receive payments

Enabling payments in your software is often a business necessity

Common consumer web application use cases include:

  1. Receiving SaaS revenue
  2. Payments between marketplace participants, including escrow
  3. In-app purchases for premium features

Until now, the only choice for developers has been integrating proprietary, trusted, centralized, third-party digital credit systems like PayPal…

Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

This is needed to avoid a bug with the Node Launcher’s UI library (Qt / PySide2)

Install OpenSSL

Python’s package manager (pip) does not work on Windows without OpenSSL installed

Go to

Download the latest Win64 EXE, currently Win64 OpenSSL v1.1.1b

Open the .exe and install OpenSSL with all of…

If you’re a command line wizard and love BTC/LN, you’ve probably already used bitcoin-cli and lncli

These two utilities allow you to issue commands to your bitcoin and lightning nodes

The Node Launcher now has direct access to these commands, so you don’t have to open a terminal window and…

My favorite part about writing software is hearing positive feedback from users. The concept of the Node Launcher is uncontroversial: help users run a full Bitcoin node and a Lightning node on their desktop or laptop, without using the command line. All of the constructive criticism has been related to bugs (most of them fixed) or desired improvements (forthcoming!).

I’ve gathered here a list of my favorite tweets so far…

Pierre Rochard

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