Day 1 of the Chaincode Labs Lightning Residency

History of the Lightning Network with Christian Decker

What are off-chain protocols?

Bootstrapping and Maintaining a Lightning Node by Elaine Ou

How Routing Works (In Theory)

Why Payments Fail

Future Work In Progress

The Lightning Protocol An Application Design Perspective with Alex Bosworth

  • HTLC is the atom of the app-building universe. Channels and the channel graph would ideally not be thought about by an app developer. Only HTLCs.


  1. Funds locked to peer
  2. Wait for peer response up to timeout
  3. Peer notification of failure: good because you can stop waiting and try a different peer
  4. Peer notification of success
  5. What happens if we wait to timeout? We need to go on-chain.






Bolt 6: IRC bootstrapping no longer exists, so here’s what goes left unsaid…

Bolt 7: The Grid

Bolt 8: Public Key

Bolt 9: Features so Far

Bolt 10: DNS Bootstrap

Bolt 11: Give Me Money

Lapp Monetization Models and Building with Éclair with Chris Stewart

  1. Lightning Network
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Monetization strategies for APIs

  • Rate limiting: ration the service to prevent abuse
  • Crypto-exchanges for example
  • Pay per call APIs
  • Idea has been around for a while, 21co tried with old Spilman unidirectional channels
  • Suredbits is using LN
  • You can use preimages to encrypt payloads, if payment is successful the user receives the preimage needed to decrypt the data.
  • Use async to abstract away endpoint interaction complexity

Websocket subscriptions and LN

  • Subscribe to a websocket for a unit of time of streaming, for example pay 60 satoshis for 1 minute of data from the websocket
  • LN allows for easy refills of the subscription, cancellation with refunds




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