How to Request Inbound Capacity from Lightning Power Users

Pierre Rochard
2 min readApr 2, 2019


Go to

Enter your pubkey if we are already connected, or your pubkey@host:port if we are not already connected

Select how much inbound capacity you would like to request. If you have already opened a channel in our direction, we will reciprocate for free for 3 days.

If you have not opened a channel in our direction, or you would like additional inbound capacity, or you would like the channel to be guaranteed open for longer than 3 days, we charge a capacity fee.

Free reciprocation

Select the chain fee rate. When blocks are full and the mempool (tx queue for entering blocks) is backed up, you can pay less and wait longer for the channel opening transaction.

Click on Pay with Joule

Click Confirm

Done, your channel is now opening!

In Joule you will see

This channel will go from orange to green once it has 3 confirmations