Node Launcher Feature: Consoles

Pierre Rochard
2 min readApr 3, 2019


If you’re a command line wizard and love BTC/LN, you’ve probably already used bitcoin-cli and lncli

These two utilities allow you to issue commands to your bitcoin and lightning nodes

The Node Launcher now has direct access to these commands, so you don’t have to open a terminal window and try to remember what to type!

The consoles are located in the Node Launcher’s system tray menu

When you open the consoles, the help command automatically runs

When you start to type in a command, auto-complete will suggest options

The output of commands that are JSON get formatted to help with readability

You can find documentation for bitcoin-cli here:

Documentation for lncli is embedded in these developer docs (the shell tab on the right):

These commands give you more flexibility than user interfaces

If you encounter any bugs please report them to